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Consecration Pictures of Phillip B. Waterfall Conclave No 621

consecrated on Tuesday 15th September 2015

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621 621

ALL FOUNDERS -------------------------------------------------- CONSECRATING OFFICER WITH CONSECRATING TEAM MEMBERS

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Full report on Phillip B. Waterfall Conclave No 621 page.

Posted 19/09/15

Old News

Chailey Heritage Donation

On Monday 8th June 2015, our Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler, Paul Rose, attended the Chailey Heritage Foundation to present a cheque for £400 on behalf of the Order, as was approved at the recent AGM.

The donation was divide equally between the Province of Sussex funds and was gratefully “match funded” by Mark Mason’s Hall in London.

Paul can be seen presenting the cheque to the Headmaster, Mr. Simon Yates, in front of the rather imposing Chapel. On the left of Simon is Jerry Griffin, representing the Supreme Ruler of Sword Invictae Conclave number 516 who nominated the Chailey Heritage Foundation and also in the picture is Mrs. Sally-Anne Murray, the Foundation Development Director who had kindly shown us around the entire establishment.

Chailey Heritage Foundation is a pioneering charity for the public benefit providing education, care and transition planning for young people aged 3-25 with complex physical disabilities and health needs. They are recognised as one of the UK’s leading centres for children and young adults with neurological motor impairment such as Cerebral Palsy, and they have a national reputation for work in supporting young people’s communication and developing independence through powered mobility. Their aim is to provide a stimulating and inclusive environment where all young people are given every opportunity to make progress towards fulfilment and develop life skills in preparation for adulthood.

Chailey Heritage Foundation encompasses Chailey Heritage School, a nationally recognised, Ofsted “Outstanding” 2014, non-maintained day and residential special school, Chailey Heritage Residential, providing full time residential accommodation and short breaks and Futures@Chailey Heritage, a new transition provision and Life Skills Centre for disabled young adults. They recently opened Futures Hub, a complementary day service provision to support the 19-25 year olds in the community who, because of their more complex needs, require specialist support in the form of whole day provision whilst using the facilities of the Life Skills Centre. Since their inception in 1903 as the first “purpose built special school for physically disabled children in the country”, they have successfully combined education and medical support. They are unique in that they share their site and work in partnership with Chailey Heritage Clinical Services, part of Sussex Community NHS Trust. This enables children to benefit from totally integrated multi-disciplinary support. Their facilities are not just available to young people from Sussex and the surrounding area, but from all over the UK. Because of a growing demand for 52 week residential provision, they can and do take young people from across the UK.

Currently, they have 73 pupils in the school, 42 of whom are accessing their residential services, 22 young adults residing in Futures transition service and 115 young adults using the Life Skills Centre.

They have an ambitious strategic plan to extend their facilities to take account of the changing needs of the population. Originally, most of the children could walk & talk. Today all of the children and young adults are wheelchair users with limited limb control and virtually none can communicate by speech. Most have Cerebral Palsy and complex health needs which means that they require help with every aspect of every-day life. This means they are not able to access services in the community as they need specialist facilities that meet their needs.

They have an existing building urgently in need of major renovation and extension. The Memorial Hall, which was built in1958 and sits in the heart of the Chailey Heritage Community, is now showing its age and there is a widening gap between the facilities it offers and the needs of our increasingly complex and wheelchair-dependent children and young people.

In presenting the cheque to the Headmaster, Paul said that he hoped the money would be useful as it would be put towards the current digital learning process which was exceedingly impressive.


Posted 29/07/15

Charity Donation

On Sunday 7th June 2015, our Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler, Paul Rose, attended the RNLI Littlehampton Lifeboat Station to present a cheque for £400 on behalf of the Order, as was approved at the recent AGM.

The donation was divide equally between the Province of Sussex funds and was gratefully “match funded” by Mark Mason’s Hall in London.

Paul can be seen presenting the cheque to the Lifeboat Station Treasurer, Mr. Graham Paull in front of the Lifeboat named Blue Peter 1. On the left of Graham is Gordon Leaman, the Supreme Ruler of Royal Sussex Conclave number 10 who nominated the Lifeboat Station and the other member attending is Len Palmer, the Deputy Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler. The picture also shows a number of the 23 crew, some of whom are wearing their kit as they are about to go on a training exercise.

It is worth noting that the station attends approximately 70 calls a year and are proud to be able to be in the water within 8 minutes of a call. They are fully reliant on voluntary contributions and Paul said that he hoped the donation would be useful to the station.

lifeboat pic 4

lifeboat pic 1

Posted 14/06/15

Christmas Lunch 2014

On Sunday 30th November the Provincial Grand Conclave of Sussex in the order of the Secret Monitor held their annual Christmas Lunch at The County Cricket ground at Hove. Members with their wives, partners, family and friends in total 57 attended. A glass of wine was provided on arrival. The crackers were pulled and the party hats went on! A traditional Christmas lunch or lamb followed by Christmas pudding or cheese and biscuits was served. Each table had between 8 and 10 people and 4 bottles of wine included!! Can't be bad. Our Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler Paul Rose gave a short Christmas speech. Each table had a floral decoration made by Janet Rose, and a lady from each table was selected at random to receive it. One of our guest, a sprightly Joan Floyd was celebrating her birthday on the 1st December, just 94 years young, needless to say we all burst into "Happy birthday to you" which Joan really enjoyed. The lunch finished about 3pm and everyone left to go to their various homes from all across Sussex, with a smile on their faces. Another good day?

I think so!

Len Palmer,

Deputy Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler,


Christmas Christmas Lunch
Christmas Christmas Lunch
Christmas Christmas Lunch
Christmas Christmas Lunch
Christmas Christmas Lunch

Posted 11/12/14


Christmas Christmas Lunch
Christmas Christmas Lunch
Christmas Christmas Lunch
Christmas Christmas Lunch
Christmas Christmas Lunch

Posted 24/12/13

On Saturday 3rd August 2013 Wy Bro. Len Palmer opened the gardens of his home for a Barbeque for members of the OSM in Sussex, their wives and friends. The weather was fantastic. Sunshine all day with a little breeze so that it was not uncomfortable. People began arriving from 4pm and the Chef, (Len), began cooking at around 5.30pm The food was superb with burgers, (lamb and mint were ace), chicken, sausages various salads and dressings and side nibbles. We all enjoyed the afternoon's feast which was followed by a number of deserts all of which were magnificent and absolutely delicious. The PGSR, Paul Rose, thanked everyone for attending and supporting the event and went on to propose a vote of thanks to Len and his wife, Gina. He then presented Gina with a lovely bouquet of Roses, (what else could he have got her)? About 40 people attended and after the food, sat talking to old and new friends and enjoyed the evening with a drink or two. At the end of the evening all were invited to make a monetary donation towards the food which was to be passed to the Sussex OSM Benevolent Fund. The company raised the magnificent sum of £225 for which we are very grateful. Thanks go to Len and Gina for their hospitality and hard work in organising and running the event.



Provincial Meeting

Posted 28/04/13


Another traditional Christmas luncheon was held at Rowfant House, Turners Hill on Sunday 2nd December 2012 for members of the Order, their families and friends.

Numbers were restricted to 60 and all seats were taken. It was a very informal affair and the menu comprised full Christmas fare with all the trimmings and also Beef pie (a favourite of all the members who meet there). Helpings were as generous as you wanted as the food was placed on the tables and everyone helped themselves. Dessert was Christmas pudding and a rather spectacular Pavlova, again with the usual trimmings. This was followed by tea and coffee and mints and the whole meal was accompanied by the usual crackers with hats and silly jokes.

Everyone attending had a really great time and the chatter at the table was constant, indicating everyone’s satisfaction. Indeed, after the lunch, many members asked to be booked in again for next year. The clue to Rowfant House’s popularity is the food, Excellent in both quality and quantity.

After the meal, the Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler, Paul Rose, thanked everyone for attending and in particular the Deputy Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler, Len Palmer for the organisation of the whole event. The PGSR presented a rather large Christmas Candle gift to Len’s wife Gina and thanked her for her input. The PGSR also made a presentation of a beautiful flower arrangement to Harold Piggot’s mother who was 92 years of age and congratulated her on reaching that magnificent age and attending the lunch. Finally he thanked his wife, Janet, for making the table decorations and detailed the lucky ladies who would be able to take them home as a small token of appreciation. Needless to say, the PGSR wished everyone attending a very Merry Christmas and a Peaceful New Year.

Various pictures are attached showing the whole company having a thoroughly good time.

Christmas Christmas Lunch
Christmas Christmas Lunch
Christmas Christmas Lunch
Christmas Christmas Lunch
Christmas Christmas Lunch
Christmas Christmas Lunch
Christmas Christmas Lunch

Posted 15/12/12

On Saturday 30th June 2012, the PGSR, Paul Rose, accompanied by Terry Brown, the Secretary of Earl of Courtown Conclave number 150, travelled to The Royal Naval Club and Royal Albert Yacht Club in Portsmouth for a very special occasion.

Right Worthy Brother Gerard Noel and Margaret entertained them to a most splendid informal lunch to celebrate his 50 years membership and service in the Order of the Secret Monitor.

The PGSR was delighted to be able to make a presentation of Gerard's 50 year jewel before the lunch and said how proud he was to be able to make such a historic presentation to one of his members in such a historic building. Gerard thanked the PGSR for the presentation and gave a brief resume of his years in the Order, recounting many stories and recollections from the past 50 years. We then made our way to the dining room and enjoyed a very convivial lunch accompanied by lots of chatter and good humour.

The PGSR and Terry Brown wish to record their thanks to Gerard and Margaret for a most pleasant lunch and afternoon and both the PGSR and Terry left by stating that they both hope to see Gerard at Earl of Courtown Conclave again in the near future and hinted that they might like to attend the Christmas Lunch at Rowfant House on 2nd December 2012.

Finally, the PGSR is confident that all members would wish to send their hearty congratulation to Gerard on his fantastic achievement.

Gerald Noel

The picture shows the PGSR with Right Worthy Brother Gerard Noel after the presentation.

Posted 30/06/12

On Saturday 28th April 2012 the Annual meeting of this Order was held at the Charmandene Centre, Worthing. This meeting being the first Annual meeting for the PGSR, Paul Rose.

The meeting was opened and the PGSR welcomed all those visitors from other Provinces and also the Heads of other Orders within the Province.

General Provincial business was conducted and the PGSR appointed and invested the “Team” of Provincial Officers for the forthcoming year, thanking those who were standing down from office at this meeting. He also appointed and invested members of the Provincial Arch of Steel and thanked them for their support over the past year.

The PGSR asked the Provincial DC, Roger Richardson, to present every new member of the Order since last year who were attending their first OSM AGM. He then addressed them and thanked them for attending and wished them well in their future within the Order.

The PGSR then addressed Provincial Grand Conclave and concluded by giving £200 each to St. Barnabas Home, (formally hospice), in the West of the Province and St. Nicholas Hospice in the East of the Province. At that time, the PGSR was awaiting a decision by MMH as to whether that money would be match-funded by MMH. I can now report that it was, therefore making each donation £400. Letters of thanks from each charity have since been received. The PGSR concluded by thanking every member of the Province for attending and giving him such magnificent support since his Installation as the PGSR.

After the meeting closed, all those dining retired to partake of a very fine meal accompanied by convivial conversation and fine wine. It seemed to be a most enjoyable occasion and the PGSR wishes to thank all those attending as well as a particular thanks to those who assisted in organizing the entire day. Their hard work made it a spectacular day for the PGSR, and he is most grateful.

He looks forward to welcoming you at the Charmandene Centre next year when the meeting will be held on the last Saturday in April 2013.

May the Friend of all Friends be with each and every one of you.

Posted 30/06/12

The next Meeting of Provincial Grand Conclave will be on Saturday, 28th April 2012 at The Charmandean Centre, Forest Road, Worthing, West Sussex.

Posted 1/1/2012

At the annual meeting of the order in Birmingham on 10th November 2011, four members of the province are to receive honours:

Jim Ludlow of Cinque Ports Conclave No 38 will be appointed Grand Std,

Len Palmer, DPGSR, Chichester Conclave No 471, will be promoted to PAGDC,

Phil Waterfall, Prov. Recorder, Royal Sussex Conclave No 10, will also be promoted to PAGDC, and

Nigel Dengate, Earl of Courtown Conclave No 150, will be promoted to PGStdB.

All the members of the Province of Sussex send them our warmest congratulations and it is hoped they will be well supported by members of the Province at that meeting.

On Saturday July 16th 2011 at Worthing, V.Wy.Bro. Paul Rose was installed as PGSR for the Province, taking over from R.Wy.Bro. Vic Wisden who had been in post for the past 5 years. The new PGSR appointed Wy.Bro. Len Palmer as the DPGSR and also appointed Wy.Bro. Roger Richardson as the PGDC.

The Installation ceremony was conducted by the Most Worthy Grand Supreme Ruler, Michael William Guest and a team of Grand Officers.

The ceremony was conducted to the usual high standard expected from Grand Officers and was followed by a superb lunch at the Charmandean Centre.

The PGSR wishes to place on record his thanks to the GSR for conducting the ceremony and making it such an enjoyable day for him.

OSM Installation 2011

The picture shows the PGSR with Right Worthy Brother Gerard Noel after the presentation.

Finally, the PGSR and DPGSR wish to thank all those members of the Province who took the time to be with them on their very special day as well as all the visitors from other provinces. The day really was very special.

Posted 16/11/11

At the annual meeting of OSM on the 11th November 2010 at Birmingham, the Most Worthy Grand Supreme Ruler, Michael William Guest, made a number of appointments and promotions to members of the Province of Sussex.

Paul Rose, Deputy Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler, Royal Sussex Conclave No 10, was promoted to Past Grand Visitor making him a Very Worthy Brother.

Norman Rose, (his Father), Royal Sussex Conclave N0 10, was appointed Past Grand Visitor, also making him a Very Worthy Brother.

Brian Prevett, Earl of Courtown Conclave No 150, was promoted to Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies.

Jack Barratt, Cinque Ports Conclave No 38, was appointed Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies 'in the field' at his Conclave’s Centenary meeting.

Bob Chrystie, Earl of Courtown Conclave No 150, was appointed Past Grand Standard Bearer.

Rod Barker, Royal Sussex Conclave No 10, was appointed Past Grand Bow Bearer.

We are confident that they all fully appreciated their appointments and promotions and we offer them all our warmest congratulations upon their preferment and wish them all well for the future.

The pictures show the Right Worthy Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler, Victor Alan Wisden, at Grand Conclave with a 'bunch' of Very Worthy Roses after their investiture and Son warmly congratulating Father.

The Province would like to record their thank to the Most Worthy Grand Supreme Ruler for his kindness and generosity in making these appointments and say what a delight it was to entertain him in St. Leonards recently at the Centenary meeting of Cinque Ports Conclave No 38.

Past Events

Provincial Annual Meeting – 24th April 2010OSM Sussex Banner

The fourth meeting of the Provincial Grand Conclave of Sussex was held on Saturday, 24th April 2010 at Chichester. Over 60 brethren were in attendance, including the Deputy Grand Supreme Ruler and 9 Provincial Grand Supreme Rulers.

As always, a most enjoyable time was had by all, and the R. Wy Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler, Vic Wisden, paid particular thanks to Heads or senior executive members of the other Masonic Orders in Sussex for their support, all of which were represented. The new Provincial Officers for the year were duly invested in true “Sussex” ceremonial fashion and a current list can be viewed on this site. During his address, the R. Wy Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler commented that, the Order in Sussex was progressing steadily and well, with new members joining the Order and new Conclaves having been, or to be formed.

At lunch afterwards, everyone enjoyed a delightful meal, provided by the ever efficient staff at The Pallant Centre, and David the caterer and his staff. As always, the Deputy Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler gave a most moving and humorous toast to Vic.

It was a day for renewing old friendships and forging new ones, which undoubtedly will continue for years to come. All look forward to 23rd April 2011.

Consecration of East Sussex Scarlet Cord Conclave

This will be conducted by the Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler and a team of Provincial Officers, on Tuesday 29th June 2010. Contact the Provincial Recorder - Phillip Waterfall - for further information.

Consecration of The Scarlet Cord Conclave of Sussex No. 540

Held on Tuesday 6th October 2009 following a meeting of Royal Sussex Conclave No.10. The meeting of No.10 will be at 4.30pm and the consecration at 5.15pm.

Venue: Masonic Centre, Church Street, Littlehampton, BN17 5EN.
Dining: Maltravers Club at a cost of £15.50 ex wine.

The ceremony will be conducted by the Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler, assisted by Officers of Provincial Grand Conclave.

For more information, please contact the founding Secretary:
Phillip Waterfall
Tel: 01903 231026
Email: pwaterfall@uwclub.net

Friends and Family Sunday Lunch
Sunday 19th July 2009

Once again we will be having this wonderful gathering of members of the Order, their Family and Friends at Rowfant House. Lunch served at 1.00pm. The cost is £20.00 per head, and if you think you can manage Strawberries and Cream later in the afternoon then that is an additional £5.00 per head. Numbers are limited, so please book early.

Latvian Day
Sunday 7th June 2009

Our Order in Sussex has always supported our friends at Rowfant House. They hold a 'Latvian Day' each year, and all are welcome. There is no entry fee, but you need to bring your own chairs and pay for any meals or drinks. It's a fun day – come along and join us.

Provincial AGM
Saturday 25th April 2009

The 3rd meeting of the Provincial Grand Conclave was held at Chichester, and the R. Wy. Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler was well supported by members of the Province and from other Provinces. Over 65 attended the meeting and 60 dined together. It was, as always, a very enjoyable occasion and all departed with smiles on their faces.

Of those from other Provinces, there were 6 Provincial Grand Supreme Rulers and 12 other guests, which included V. Wy Bro. Tom Wise, the Provincial Grand Recorder from West Yorkshire, who was completing his visits to all Provinces in the Order.

In addition all the other Masonic Orders that meet in Sussex were well represented.

The R. Wy. Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler appointed his Officers for the ensuing year, details of which can be found on the Province page.

Also the R. Wy. Provincial Grand Supreme Rule announced the Consecration of The Scarlet Cord Conclave of Sussex. Further details are on the this page.

April 2008

Over the weekend of 11th April 2008 a number of members and wives, partners, friends enjoyed a social weekend on the Isle of Wight. They were driven by coach from Charmandene and Littlehampton to the Aqua Hotel in Shanklin. After settling in dinner was served at 8pm and the rest of the evening was spent in the bar chatting to old and new friends. Saturday was spent touring the island in the coach with lunch being taken in Yarmouth then continue on the tour eventually returning to the Aqua early evening. The proprietors, James and Annette Blanchett, laid on a stupendous evening buffet which would have fed twice as many people. Suffice to say we were well fed that night. Following the meal we were royally entertained by a local disco who not only played Q and A games with us but also showed film of the relevant band playing as well as some very humorous jokes. We all went to bed rather late. Sunday morning after breakfast, we all did our own thing. Most went for a walk along Shanklin High Street. One particular individual was hoping the ice cream parlour was open. He returned a very sad man as it was closed. After a great lunch, the coach picked us up and returned us home. Overall a very, very successful weekend with demands to do it again very soon.

March 2008

Wednesday 12th March 2008 saw the consecration of Sussex’s first new conclave. The consecrating officer was Right Worthy Brother Victor Alan Wisden, the Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler, who conducted the ceremony in a most exemplary manner. Following the consecration, he installed Worthy Brother Paul Norman Rose, the Deputy Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler, as the first Supreme Ruler of the conclave. The conclave is known as the SWORD INVICTAE CONCLAVE No 516. The name is an anagram of VICTOR A. WISDEN and the letter T is in the form of a sword. Following the meeting, the consecrating team and members enjoyed a luncheon at Chichester. The new conclave will meet at Rowfant House, Turners Hill. Please see their news page for further information.

November 2007

On Sunday 25th November 2007, members of the order together with their wives, partners, and friends enjoyed a fantastic Sunday Luncheon at Rowfant House, Turners Hill. The objective was simply to enjoy the magnificent Manor House set in 22 acres of countryside with its own lake and chapel, as well as share the company of many Secret Monitors and their loved ones over a wonderful home cooked lunch and a glass of wine or two. The Lunch was such a success that it will be repeated probably this summer with the addition of a strawberry tea. Watch this space for a date.